Martins Vocal Academy

The MVA Experience

Making a difference in aspiring singers lives

Martins Vocal Academy is designed specifically for singers who aspire to take their talent to the optimum level. Our students learn how the MIND, the BODY, and the VOICE work together seamlessly to have a more well-rounded voice. As a student, you will gain incredible knowledge through the methods taught as well as gain the confidence you will need to be able to sing any song, on any stage, and in front of any audience.
You will feel vocal freedom immediately! You will learn how to improve every aspect of your artistic ability from well-rounded, business savvy, working professionals. With our one-on-one training and private lessons at our Vocal Academy in Maryville, Tennessee.  You will receive the direction you need to transform your unique talents into a rewarding music career.

We offer vocal lessons for all ages and experience levels, from professional singers to beginners, and our coaching mechanics are highly sought-after. Whether you’re looking to increase your vocal range, resolve any vocal issues you may be experiencing, or take tips from an experienced vocal coach, we have the education and tools to tailor your training to your specific goals.