Montgomery Ridge Intermediate Music Production A Success!

December 15, 2020, marked the day for Montgomery Ridge Intermediate's students who were selected by Mrs. Kristy Weekley, to come to Martins Vocal Academy (MVA) and record their Christmas music.  Everyone seemed so excited to go into the vocal booth for the first time and see first hand what they sound like in a professional studio setting.  We were very impressed and happy to hear such beautiful voices on "Believe" and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town".  We were very proud of the way the two songs turned out and you'll be able to hear them on our website!  

It was a pleasure working with Kristy again on another musical project and I know we will be doing more collaborating in the near future.  

Mrs. Kristy Weekley (MRI Music Teacher)

Jerry Martin (MVA Vocal Coach)

Believe Santa Claus Is Coming To Town





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