Our students at MVA range from all ages, singing levels, and musical genres.  They each have different backgrounds in music, theatre, and many other activities that they each bring a unique perspective each time they work with us at MVA.  Our students show great appreciation and respect for the musical arts.  It shows in the way they approach each lesson with us with excitement and dedication to their craft and skills.  

To say we are very proud of each of our students is an understatement!  We watch them grow into the musical artists they are destined to be by nurturing them and supporting them fully as they get closer to their dreams.  From Gospel, Pop, Country, Rock, Alternative, Jazz, R&B, and Adult Contemporary styles, we take each student's strengths and build a rock-solid foundation for the voice to perform at the highest level.  This gives them that edge they need to stand out among all of the other aspiring singers out in the music industry today!  

Our methods are proven and give you longevity in your voice and career.  With hard work and dedication to your craft, you can be just like all of these students who are building a better voice and taking their talents in directions they never thought were possible.  The MVA way is truly the best way to make a difference in your voice and career.

Our MVA Students

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Student Testimonials

Well, Jerry, I can't say enough. My vocal workshop exceeded expectations. From the sign up with Tabitha thru the follow-up correspondence, the experience was professional, yet warm and inviting which is very important. He has ways to get the most from you before you realize what you just achieved. The 6 hours shared with Jerry has left me with a lifetime's worth of tested skills, solid techniques and a genuine support. With one workshop, I have learned so much about my voice and the change is remarkable. It truly is difficult to find a mentor willing to share all their knowledge and experience with you and especially in ways so you don't feel incompetent. He adjusts his teaching to your level of skills and talks with you, not at you. He has that gift! If singing is an interest of yours, then you need not go any further, you found that diamond in the rough. Thanks, Jerry. I'll be in touch again and again.”

Rex Perrard

If you're looking for professional vocal training, or looking for a top notch studio for your next recording, this is the place to go! Jerry Martin's SCSE Vocal Workshop was an incredible experience for me. His kindness made me feel welcome and at ease, while his professionalism and love for music and the gospel made for an invaluable vocal session. Jerry is the very best in my book, and I look forward to working with him again soon!”

— Wesley Davis

I am a 64 year old tenor singer. As we age we become aware of changes in vocal strength and pitch issues. I was introduced to Sound Chamber Studios Vocal Training through an associate gospel singer that was taking vocal instruction from Jerry. I was skeptical at first seeing I had been singing all my life but I was having vocal issues and needed help maintaining vocal strength and stamina and from the first session until the last I continued to not only to improve in vocal strength but in diction and enunciation, in confidence, stage presence and advice on the health and care of my voice and tips on things to do before and after singing. This was achieved by closely following vocal and relaxation exercises that I was totally unaware of even though I have done scale and pitch exercise for years. The sessions are one on one and at any point during the session you can discuss and get professional advice on anything that comes to mind concerning your vocal health or performance from someone that has experience and is personally familiar with singing issues. Totally laid back, friendly one on one, and Jerry is available at any time between sessions for any issue that arises. Just send him a text or call. So if you are an aspiring singer or a seasoned professional and would like to improve and advance your singing abilities, I highly recommend Sound Chamber Studios!”

— Jacky Feazell

SCSE is an excellent choice if you are looking for professional vocal coaching! Just in a matter of months, I've felt and heard a change in my vocals for the better. Not only that, others around me have heard the change too and they have asked what am I doing different, and of course I tell them I've been getting lessons from Jerry at SCSE. When others started recognizing it I was just like wow, the hard work is paying off. I can't thank Jerry and SCSE enough for the help they have given and continue to give me! He is truly a great coach! So if you're looking for someone who's going to work with you to improve your overall sound with techniques regarding breathing, pronunciations, power and more, then look no further! Try SCSE immediately! You will not be disappointed. Professional folks right there! But YOU have to put in the hard work too! Don't be lazy and get ready to work! The change starts with you and how much work you are willing to put in.”

— Casey Johnson